Unknown Product Code

Description and cause:

The recorded product code is not known. Possible reasons:

  • The pack is not covered by the Falsified Medicines Directive, e.g. a medical device.
  • The pack was imported from a country outside the EU.
  • The product code was transferred incorrectly (e.g. incorrect entry in manual mode).
  • The manufacturer has not uploaded the product code to the system.

Handling instructions:

Please check whether the product is affected by the EU Falsified Medicines Directive. If necessary, compare the data transferred to the system with those printed in human readable form on the pack.

Procedures for the scanning staff:

  1. Check if there is another 2D matrix code on the pack, scan this code.
  2. If this pack is not a prescription medicine authorised in Europe, this pack does not need to be checked.

Procedures for the responsible person:

  • There are no special procedures for the responsible person.