This Way, Mistakes
Don’t Stand a Chance.
This Way, Mistakes
Don’t Stand a Chance.

FMD: Alerts under Control

The Falsified Medicine Directive (FMD) is a programme set up by the EU Commission to detect and prevent falsified medicines. You should therefore be prepared to at all times react correctly should suspected counterfeiting cases come to your attention. The authorities do keep an eye on the matter.

FMD Alerts: More Common than you may Think

Critical alerts occur frequently – more often than one may think, unfortunately. Many situations in everyday work processes generate alerts that are directly forwarded to the authorities.

Affected packs have to be quarantined until the problem is solved. Which is inconvenient and holds up daily operations. Therefore, it is crucial to react correctly to alerts. And this is wheremedAspis Alert Guard offers the perfect support.

What will your Scanning Staff Do in Case of Alerts?

Alerts make work much more difficult. And alerts are reported almost on a daily basis – the larger the scan volume, the more often.

Alert Guard: Play it Safe with Lean FMD

It is best if alerts do not even occur in the first place. Lean FMD automatically filters out many cases that would otherwise be sent to the NMVS and might trigger authority-relevant alerts there.

If an alert is reported, it must be decided at lightning speed whether what you are dealing with is a trivial alert or whether the case in question has already been reported to the authorities. In the latter case, you must take action. Because you simply cannot rule out that authorities will one day randomly check exactly this case.

FMD: We Make you Smart

The experts at medAspis support you in finding solutions for every possible case of alert. To do this, we combine our FMD knowledge with your knowledge of in-house processes. Together with you, we determine how to react to which FMD alert.

The results of this analysis are recorded in a rulebook. One part of this rulebook is addressed to the person in charge, another part to your scanning staff. Instructions for the scanning staff are condensed into a single page that is posted at the scanning workstation. FMD made simple.

In addition, the processes surrounding alerts are documented in an authority-safe manner. This means that you are always on the safe side and prepared for enquiries. And all this happens largely automatically – time-saving, efficient and easy on the nerves.

medAspis Alert Hotline

Should any questions remain unanswered, the medAspis Alert Team can help you anytime. We are at your disposal for all questions concerning FMD.

Point by Point: medAspis Alert Guard

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