Updating the Speed Scannner via F-Droid

medAspis will periodically issue updated versions of the application software. The system continuously checks for updates and installs them automatically. These automatic installations may – very rarely – not succeed, meaning the medAspis application update needs to be performed manually. Please see below the instructions for manual software updating.

On the screen, just swipe up the screen and you open the list of programs on the device (Android users will be very familiar with this).

Select the “F-Droid” application. This program is responsible for updates.

You should see the medAspis Connector+ application on the screen; if not, click “Recent” on the bottom line. If you still do not see the medAspis Connector+ application, try the search function at the bottom right and search for “medAspis”. The application should be visible.

Tap the Connector+ application; details of the medAspis application appear.

You will be asked if you want to uninstall or open the medAspis application. Please choose to uninstall and complete the de-installation process. Do not worry, the application will not be lost; a fresh version will be reloaded.

Please click on “Versions”. This shows several versions to choose from. Touch the top version labelled ‘suggested’ (this is the most up-to-date version).

Tap on “Install” and follow the installation instructions

Automated Software Updating

Open the F-Droid (instructions are similar to Manual Software Updating) and click on Settings. A page will open that will be like the one in the picture below. Scroll down to see the Updates.

Configure the automatic update as shown in the picture. Make sure that the Speed Scanner remains connected to the Internet. Once a new release of software will be available, the F-Droid will register it and update the application.