Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.
Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.

Lean FMD for Pharma Logistics

As a pharmaceutical logistics company, the topic of FMD affects you directly. With Lean FMD‘s 3PL module, you can carry out and spped up all relevant FMD processes on behalf of the manufacturers.

Maximum efficiency and & compliance for serialisation

The topic of serialisation plays a decisive role for process speed in the supply chain of medicinal products When tens of thousands of packages have to be reliably and officially scanned every day as part of the EU Falsification Directive, this means a considerable time and therefore also cost factor. And we think that has potential for savings.

medAspis has recognised the challenges of the logistics industry and developed a techno-logically advanced serialisation solution.

Lean FMD fulfils all the requirements that you, as a pharmaceutical logistics company, place on serialisation processes. And we even solve problems that you haven’t even thought of yet, so that you can always stay ahead of the competition.

Lean FMD: The Turbo for Serialisation

Lean FMD provides you as a pharmaceutical logistics provider with the right solution for all logistical serialisation processes related to FMD.

Put an End to Typical FMD Problems

FMD Consulting: Now Things Get Personal

Would you right now like to learn more about how Lean FMD can speed up your serialisation processes around FMD and make them safer? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you personally – even if you simply have a question about FMD and are not yet our customer.

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