Who needs his Data,
gets it from us
Who needs his Data,
gets it from us

Our Open Concept: Your Data Belong to you

All Data under Control – via Control Panel or API

The scan is done, all pallets are scanned. Now all data are also in the system.

Use the data for your own evaluations or IT applications. Simply filter as required via the Control Panel and export into the desired format – from XLS to PDF. Or simply access it with your IT applications via API. All data are stored for at least five years.

Scan History: Reliable Logging of all Scans

Each single FMD scan is stored securely and permanently. Our Scan History keeps a log of the exact time of the scan, all pack data and the FMD result. The pharmaceutical industry requires complete and unalterable audit trails. Lean FMD by medAspis meets this requirement – securely, reliably and with maximum transparency for our customers.

Filter, Export, Process – Made Easy

Using the Lean FMD Control Panel, you have access to the data at all times to edit and export them. Flexible filtering options support you in this:

You can obtain the desired FMD data with just a few clicks. Of course, all data can be exported to Excel or a variety of other data formats.

Long-Term Storage of Data

Whatever use you would like to make of your data – you can be sure they are in good hands with us. We store all data records for the same length of time as the central systems of the NMVS and the EU Hub. The data will remain there for the life of the drug plus one year. The same applies to us, but our storage time is at least 5 years.

Do you need the data beyond this period? No problem. Just let us know.

Do as you Please with your Data

This is our philosophy: Data belong to our customers and are available to them at any time. Without much ado, simply at the touch of a button. That is why our data management is completely transparent. All Lean FMD processes can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows and IT structures. Scan data are reliably logged and can be filtered and exported as desired.

Integrating Lean FMD into your IT Structure

Should the data be further processed within the company? Do you want to process data internally? All FMD data can be integrated into the company’s IT landscape via an interface. The Lean FMD API is a modern web service interface. With the simplest of commands, you have access to complex data structures.

Open for ERP Systems

Whether SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or SAGE: the data structure can easily be read into and evaluated by common ERP systems.

Other common systems can also be given access.

A Customer Recommendation

A Welcome Extra: All Raw Data are Preserved

The medAspis system not only stores data structures that are immediately visible. It also records many other raw data that are generated by FMD requests. Want to see examples? Take the original code of the read 2D matrix and the complete response code of the NMVS.

Compliant at all times - even with data storage

Lean FMD works highly efficiently while meeting your high compliance and GxP requirements. With our zero-alert strategy, there are virtually no more false alarms reported to the authorities. Only extremely few real suspected counterfeit cases remain. In these cases, we support you with our unique know-how and provide the right solution: from practical instructions for scanning staff to the professional handling of critical counterfeiting suspicions. Thus, there is no reason for the authorities to examine the issue of FMD more closely during the next audit.

Test Lean FMD yourself

Lean FMD is so easy to use, you have to experience it for yourself. Request a test device now to use Lean FMD under actual conditions – free of charge and without obligation.

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