FMD rethought.
The result
is a revolution.
FMD rethought.
The result
is a revolution.

Lean FMD: faster, leaner & smarter

FMD has been mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry since 2019. The EU Falsification Directive slows down many logistical processes. This costs time and ties up personnel. Add to this authorities coming into play, and things may well become critical. With Lean FMD, medAspis revolutionise the topic.

Does this get on your nerves in your daily FMD routine?

FMD somehow works for you. But in everyday life nothing goes as it should: too slow, not efficient enough

Do you know this from scanning?
Beep – wait – beep – wait
With large volumes, productivity drops dramatically. And the need for staff increases.
At long last, you’re finished with a box.
Instead of 540 packages, only 539 were scanned.
Which one is missing? Now the whole game starts all over again.

There’s a much better way! With Lean FMD

Simply scan at lightning speed and in one go:

Compliance? Check!

With every suspicion of falsification, there is a risk that the supervisory authorities will take a close look and demand information. Even five years from now. With Lean FMD, you avoid the majority of such suspicious cases. Your authority record remains clean. And in case of critical questions, you have all the answers at your fingertips.

Test Lean FMD yourself

Lean FMD is so fast that you have to experience it yourself. Request a test unit now to use Lean FMD under real conditions – free of charge and without obligation.

Our customers: This is what satisfaction looks like

medAspis customers have the best experience with Lean FMD. At every step of the process chain and perfectly integrated into the individual workflows.

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Questions about FMD or Lean FMD? Just call or text us.

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