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Switch on
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Lean FMD: Scan Everything in One Go

While others scan pack after pack and twiddle their thumbs until the result comes in, we already have complete batches in the box – checked row by row, level by level, pallet by pallet. Up to 13,000 packs per hour. All in one go and without waiting.

The FMD Speed Scanner scans - the medAspis Server checks

Our mobile FMD speed scanner is directly connected to the medAspis FMD server. Both parts work hand in hand:

  • The handheld device captures each 2D code and sends it immediately to the medAspis FMD Server. Afterwards, the scanner is immediately ready for the next scan.
  • The server bundles the scans and does the checks in the background: Verification correct? Batch correct? Number of packs correct? If the NMVS takes its time responding, that’s no problem, either. Because scanning can continue in the mean time.

The benefits are obvious: you can scan in one go, there are no waiting times, and you can be sure that everything is working smoothly.

Compare for yourself: traditional solutions. vs. Lean FMD with FMD Speed Scanner.

What Makes Lean FMD so Fast?

  • Double scan filter: Duplicate scans are detected and ignored immediately – without time-consuming and error-prone rechecks.
  • Gapless detection: At the end of each row, a check number shows whether a pack is missing. If this is the case, simply scan the last row again – and everything will be captured.
  • No more incorrect batches: Deliveries with incorrect batches are immediately displayed and can be sorted out.

The secret of fast scanning lies in the combination of three elements. Duplicate data from the FMD speed scanneris simply ignored. If something is missing, it is displayed. You simply scan the last row again. The counter will count only new packs. Until you have everything you need.

Pack by pack, row by row, layer by layer. Nothing is lost, everything is captured. Also through foil, also for inverse codes, of course.

Efficiency in all Circumstances

Our customers have repeatedly sent us videos describing their experiences with our scanners. Whether for aggregation, when scanning inverse codes (white codes on a black background) or through film.

Take a look for yourself:

Compliance is a matter of course

Lean FMD works highly efficiently while meeting your high standards of compliance and GDP. With our zero-alert strategy, there are virtually no more false alarms reported to the authorities. Only extremely few real suspected counterfeit cases remain. In these cases, we support you with our unique know-how and provide the right solution: from practical instructions for scanning staff to the professional handling of critical counterfeiting suspicions. Thus, there is no reason for the authorities to examine the issue of FMD more closely during the next audit.

Test Lean FMD yourself

Lean FMD is so fast that you have to experience it yourself. Request a test device now to use Lean FMD under actual conditions – free of charge and without obligation.

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