Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.
Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.

Lean FMD for Pharmacies

Ideal for pharmacies: Scan packs simply and easily with the FMD Speed Scanner. Thanks to the integrated touch screen and ergonomic handle, the handheld device can be operated intuitively. Each pack is checked in real time and you get an immediate result. This allows you to react at once  – and, if worse comes to worst, to sort out suspicious packs. There’s no need to wait for individual results during the scan. Instead, you simply continue scanning. This leaves more time for what’s essential. And, above all, for customers.

Stay Mobile

Simply take the FMD Speed Scanner in your hand. You can verify the goods wherever you want.

Save yourself the Work

Why not ask your supplier for aggregated deliveries? The delivery will be pre-scanned. Meaning you only need to scan once to get all work done.

Lean FMD: You Have our Support

With Lean FMD, you as a pharmacy have the right solution for all logistical processes related to FMD.

Put an End to Typical FMD Problems

Discover all the advantages of Lean FMD for yourself and simply give us a call.

FMD Consulting: Now Things Get Personal

Would you right now like to learn more about how Lean FMD can speed up your processes and make them safer? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you personally – even if you simply have a question about FMD and are not yet our customer.

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