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is on Success.
Ours on FMD.
Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.

Lean FMD for Parallel Traders

Lean FMD makes medAspis the ideal partner for parallel traders. Some of our customers are active in the countries of origin of the medicines, mostly in Southern Europe. They collect individual packs in their country and aggregate them into complete cartons. WithLean FMD you can easily and quickly count packs per batch – or by supplier, should you wish so. An additional challenge: All delivered packs that do not come directly from the manufacturer must be verified. This also applies to deliveries that cross an intra-European border – even if the delivery belongs to your own group of companies. medAspis also has the right solution for this case. Since the data is already available in your own system, there is no need for a second scan. Instead, you can directly access the serial numbers that are already available.

Batch Control Filter: Batch Correct?

The batch control filter will check whether the correct batch is scanned. Because you know better than anyone that even with the greatest care, a wrong pack can sneak in. Lean FMD will recognise this immediately and mark the pack. Now it is easy for the employee to sort out the pack. And that saves a lot of time.

Lean FMD: You Have our Support

With Lean FMD, you as a parallel trader have the right solution for all logistical processes related to FMD.

Put an End to Typical FMD Problems

Discover all the advantages of Lean FMD for yourself and simply give us a call.

FMD Consulting: Now Things Get Personal

Would you right now like to learn more about how Lean FMD can speed up your processes and make them safer? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you personally – even if you simply have a question about FMD and are not yet our customer.

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