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Ours on FMD.
Your Focus
is on Success.
Ours on FMD.

Lean FMD for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Many pharmaceutical manufacturers outsource their logistics processes to third party logistics providers (3PL). They are also responsible for the serialisation processes around FMD. The situation is different when manufacturers use internal solutions for logistics. Then they must also comply with all FMD requirements within the framework of manual processes, i.e. above all:

Lean FMD: You Have our Support

In pharmaceutical production, the vast majority of serialisation processes run automatically. However, manual processes remain when processing individual packs or opened cartons. In cases like these employees will reach for the scanner. These manual processes represent a considerable time and cost factor, especially when tens of thousands of packs are scanned daily at several locations.

medAspis has recognised this specific requirement of pharmaceutical producers for serialisation and has developed a custom-fit solution: fast, integrable into the existing IT and secure.

Lean FMD: Speed up serialisation processes

Lean FMD provides you as a pharmaceutical manufacturer with the right solution to significantly accelerate time-consuming and personnel-intensive serialisation processes around FMD.

Lean FMD: Put an End to Typical FMD Problems

Zero-Alert Strategy: reducing compliance risks

Lean FMD is perfectly tailored to your needs as a pharmaceutical manufacturer. This means that our service also meets your high compliance and GDP requirements at the same time, in order to reduce risks and ensure quality. With the zero-alert strategy, there are virtually no more false alarms that are reported to the authorities. Only extremely few real suspected counterfeit cases remain. In these cases, we support you with our unique know-how and provide the right solution: from practical instructions for scanning staff to the professional handling of critical counterfeiting suspicions. Thus, there is no reason for the authorities to examine the issue of FMD more closely during the next audit.

FMD Consulting: Now Things Get Personal

Would you right now like to learn more about how Lean FMD can speed up your manual sersialisation processes and make them safer? Just give us a call. We will be happy to advise you personally – even if you simply have a question about FMD and are not yet our customer.

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