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We Do not
Leave you Alone

medAspsis Exchange Service: Request a Replacement Unit

Your FMD Speed Scanner no longer works? We will send you a replacement unit free of charge so that you can continue work as quickly as possible and thus ensure operability. You will automatically receive a return label for the defective unit, too.

In Case the Warranty has Expired ...

You will receive the replacement unit regardless of whether your warranty is still valid. If the warranty has expired, we will find a cost-effective solution for you.

Terms of service

For quick help

Do you have questions about the replacement unit? We will be happy to assist you via e-mail at support@medaspis.com or in the support chat.

medAspis exchange service: Frequently asked questions and answers

The following cases are excluded from the medAspis repair service:

  • Cases where the handheld device is no longer present: robbery, burglary, theft, etc.
  • Normal wear and tear that does not restrict technical use (e.g. scratch, scuff and abrasion damage, etc.).
  • Water damage
  • Display breakage
  • Willful damage
  • Damage to the accessories supplied

Contact us: we will provide you with an individual quotation.

The costs for defective charging cables, charging plugs or hand straps are borne by customers themselves

Please notify us of the repair request as soon as possible:

  • until 17:00 from Monday-Friday:
    Dispatch of the replacement unit with simultaneous sending of a return note for the defective unit approx. on the following working day.
  • after 5:00 p.m. from Monday to Friday: Delivery of the replacement unit with simultaneous sending of a return note for the defective unit approx. on the next but one working day.
  • on Friday after 5:00 p.m.: Delivery of the replacement unit with simultaneous sending of a return slip for the defective unit on Monday of the following week.

Please note: The respective weekdays are subject to the proviso that neither the reporting nor the delivery day falls on a public holiday. Otherwise, the delivery of the replacement unit will be extended accordingly.

As soon as your request is processed by us, we will instruct the parcel service to deliver the replacement unit to you.

The presetting of the device is done by medAspis, the setup of the replacement device on site (registration network, etc.) is done by the customer. In our online tutorial, you will find extensive help on how to put the Speed Scanner into operation.

The repair time depends on the defect of the unit and is determined individually. For the entire duration of the repair, medAspis GmbH shall make the loan device available to the customer.

  • The customer has a current contract with the company medAspis GmbH.
  • The units must be unlocked – if still operable – and all locking functions must be deactivated before returning them.
  • The customer sends the defective device back to medAspis GmbH free of charge as a return.

Nothing. There are no fees and costs for the customer.

Upon receipt of the repaired goods, the customer is obligated to return his loan unit within 7 days incl. the repair fee. The customer must return the entire scope of delivery to medAspis GmbH using the return slip provided.

If this is not done, the customer will be charged a flat rate purchase fee of €1250 for the loan unit.