Who needs his Data,
gets it from us
Who needs his Data,
gets it from us

Lean FMD: For Data Pros who Want to Know More

Lean FMD by medAspis knows more. Because we log not just the visible data structures, but many other raw data as well that are generated during FMD requests. This includes, for example, the original code of the read 2D matrix, the complete response code of the NMVS and lots more.

2D Matrix Code Broken Down

In order to process the raw data directly in their own systems, some customers need access to the unique identifier. This is the data structure that is read directly from the 2D matrix code. With Lean FMD, individual further processing can be carried out without any hassle.

Four basic values are stored in the unique identifier – mostly in GS1 coding, sometimes also in PPN format. In some countries, a fifth value is important, the so-called national health reimbursement number (nhrn). Lean FMD reliably reads out all these values and makes them available for further processing:

The coding follows the GS1 labelling, recognisable by the separated attributes (01), (10), (17) and (21):

The GS1 attributes identify the four elements of the data set:

An important note: The special character, shown above as △, is crucial. Some scanners do not read this character correctly – and this leads to incorrect data captures and thus incorrect FMD results. Using the FMD Speed Scanner ensures that this works correctly.

Full Response Code of the NMVS

When an FMD request is sent to the NMVS, complex data structures will be returned. Only part of those is needed for daily operations. For most clients, this settles the matter. But some are keen to know more: For them, we provide the complete answer. In the code fragments you can see the answers of the three blueprint systems to a deactivation request.

In the three examples, the requests were successful and the status was set to INACTIVE. Within the medAspis system, these data records are processed and saved in the Scan History. The response is immediately sent to the Speed Scanner.

Response Time of the NMVS

For each individual operation call to the responsible NMVS, response time will be measured.

The legal requirement is 300 milliseconds for 90% of the transactions processed. Based on the data we generate, you can determine for yourself whether your NMVS complies with these specifications. 

We know from experience that on Monday mornings in particular, this value is not always adhered to. Plus, retrievals from other European countries are much slower than the target value.

Time order of the NMVS response times

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