Lean FMD: the Turbo for Compliance & Efficiency

Serialisation has been mandatory for the pharmaceutical industry since 2019. The EU Falsification Directive is a challenge for compliance. When the authorities ask about suspected counterfeiting, it becomes critical. In addition, many logistical processes are slowed down. This costs time and ties up personnel. With Lean FMD, medAspis revolutionises FMD in terms of compliance and speed.

  • Top efficiency: extremely fast, efficient and virtually error-free processing – up to 13,000 packs per hour. With intuitive handling and practical help.
  • Top compliance: with a zero alert strategy, virtually no more false alarms – the entire FMD process is GxP-compliant and authority-safe from A to Z.

What are the problems in FMD'sdaily routine?

Somehow FMD is a working process. But if you look into the details, there are hiccups everywhere: risky breaks in the FMD process and processing that is far too slow.

Do you know this from scanning?
Beep – wait – beep – wait
With large volumes, productivity drops dramatically. And the need for staff increases.
While scanning, alerts occur.
The authorities will be informed.
You should have your alert management under control and be as well prepared as possible.

Do it faster & safer! With Lean FMD

Simply scan 100% GxP compliant, error-free and lightning fast in one go:

  • Do not take compliance risk
  • No pack is scanned twice or forgotten
  • no suspect case is forgotten

Test Lean FMD yourself

Lean FMD is so fast that you have to experience it yourself. Request a test unit now to use Lean FMD under real conditions – free of charge and without obligation.

Our customers: This is what satisfaction looks like

medAspis customers have the best experience with Lean FMD. At every step of the process chain and perfectly integrated into the individual workflows.

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