General error

System error messages usually indicate fault technical conditions of the system but have no further effect on the dispensability of the medicines.

Description and cause:

A general technical error has occurred. The cause is an internal problem of the national directory system (NMVS) or the EU hub.

Handling instructions:

Start the transaction again. If the alert message occurs in the course of a deactivation, it is recommended to perform a verification before repeating it. Since a technical error can also occur during the confirmation of a successful deactivation, this would cause a double deactivation in this case.

Procedures for the scanning staff:

  1. Wait a moment. Perform the same operation again. It is very likely that the NMVS system is only disturbed for a short time. 2.
  2. If a double deactivation is reported immediately after this malfunction, report the incident.

Procedures for the responsible person:

If double deactivation errors occur after a technical malfunction, take the following measures:

  1. search for the pack in the control panel. See if a general, technical error occurred immediately before the double deactivation.
  2. if this is the case, there is an incorrect storage of the transaction data in the NMVS. This is a technical error that cannot be corrected. The relevant pack can no longer be reactivated because the original executed FMD operation that triggered the unexpected error was not fully completed by the NMVS. The pack was thereby internally deactivated, but this state was not completely stored in the database in the aborted transaction. Therefore, further operations on this transaction can no longer be performed. In particular, reactivation cannot be carried out. The pack remains deactivated. This is an error of the NMVS.