Already inactive

The alert message may indicate an attempt at counterfeiting. If an AlertID is generated, a message is automatically forwarded to the competent authorities (not on verification).

Description and cause:

The pack is already in a deactivated state (e.g. deactivated, exported, doctor’s sample, locked or destroyed) and an attempt is still made to deactivate it. Possible reasons:

  • The pack has been deactivated repeatedly by mistake.
  • The pack has already been deactivated elsewhere (often in the case of returns).
  • The pack is a counterfeit.

Handling instructions:

The package must be separated and must not be brought to market until the cause of the alert has been determined.

Procedures for the scanning staff:

  1. have you already deactivated the pack yourself before? In this case, the pack can still be used.
  2. if the pack has been delivered deactivated, report it.
  3. unsure whether the pack has been deactivated? Then please test reactivation:
    • If reactivation has taken place, you have deactivated the pack yourself. The case is closed.
    • If the reactivation failed, follow the instructions in this alert message.
  1. Are other packs in the delivery or storage compartment also affected?

Procedures for the responsible person:

  • If the pack was delivered deactivated, only the supplier can reactivate it within 10 days. Speed is of the essence.

Further use of the pack

A deactivated pack may no longer be marketable. Any other facility in the pharmaceutical supply chain will receive the same alert message and reject your supply. If you have deactivated the pack yourself, it can be used at any time within the current status.

Special case return: If the pack is returned, the responsible person can specify simplified quarantine rules, for example, release the pack for destruction immediately. The lack of marketability may be the reason for returning the pack.