Unknown serial number

The alert message may indicate an attempt at counterfeiting and is automatically forwarded to the competent authorities.

Description and cause:

The recorded serial number could not be found. Possible reasons:

  • The serial number was not uploaded by the manufacturer. It is probably an isolated case (blind passenger).
  • The serial number was transferred incorrectly (e.g. incorrect entry in manual mode).
  • The pack is a counterfeit.

Handling instructions:

The package must be separated and must not be brought to market until the cause of the alert has been determined.

Procedures for the scanning staff:

  1. are there any (manual) input errors?
  2. is the scanner working properly?
  3. are other packs of the delivery or the storage unit also affected?

Procedures for the responsible person:

  1. photograph the 2D matrix code and the data in human readable form.
  2. follow the rules of your NMVO for handling suspicious cases.

Further use of the pack

ATTENTION! A pack with a code error is not marketable. Any other facility in the pharmaceutical supply chain will receive the same alert message and reject your supply.

Special case return: If the pack is returned, the responsible person can specify simplified quarantine rules, for example, release the pack for destruction immediately. The lack of marketability may be the reason for returning the pack.

Special case of freshly produced medicine: It cannot be ruled out that packs are already delivered to the 3PL although the associated data have not yet been uploaded to the verification system. Contact the manufacturer to clarify such cases directly.