Undo Status > 10 days

The alert message may indicate an attempt at counterfeiting and is automatically forwarded to the competent authorities in case of inter-market transactions (packs from another country).

Description and cause:

The time period of 10 days (240 hours) for reactivating the pack has already been exceeded. Reversing a deactivation is only possible within this period.

Handling instructions:

If the package originates from abroad, it must be separated and must not be brought to market until the cause of the alert has been determined.

Procedures for the scanning staff:

  • Are other packs in the delivery or storage compartment also affected?

Procedures for the responsible person:

  • Check in the Control Panel whether the first deactivation was made by yourself. If so, the pack can continue to be used in its intended purpose.

Further use of the pack

ATTENTION! A pack that has already been deactivated is only marketable to a limited extent. Any further facility in the pharmaceutical supply chain will receive an alert message and reject your supply.

Goods that have already been deactivated can only be used in their intended purpose (exported, marked as a free sample, etc.).