The System Design​

The medAspis system is essentially a server solution on which the functions of the FMD examination run. The data is delivered to the system with Speed Scanners.

The Speed Scanners are Android handheld devices that are connected to the Internet via WLAN or mobile data. The handheld devices communicate with the server via this channel. To ensure data security, communications between the devices and the server are encrypted. The HTTPS protocol is used for this purpose. To further ensure security, customers will be given ports and URL upon request to configure the respective firewall.

The basic design of the medAspis FMD system

As many handheld devices as required can be connected to the server. Communication between the devices is not necessary. Each device always communicates directly with the server.

The server is connected to the respective NMVS. Depending on the NMVS technology, different protocols are supported.

With the Control Panel, a portal is available to monitor and control the system.