User login to the Speed Scanner

Optionally, the users of the Speed Scanners can be entered. Each time the users scan packs, the specified username is saved to that scan. The names can be displayed in the Scan History.

With the button “New” a new user can be created.

For this purpose, the username and a numeric (digit) password of any length are entered. The username appears in the “User” field in the Settings of the Speed Scanner and in the Scan History. The password is requested in the handheld device as an identity check. In addition, the permitted FMD operations can be restricted for each user.

After completion, the entries are saved with “Save”.

User management is an identity control and thus a measure for organising operations. User management is not a function in the sense of system security.

Access rights

Individual usage rights can be assigned for each user. The FMD operations allowed in the “Permissions” field are displayed in the FMD menu of the hand-held scanner, the others are not offered.

In use on the Speed Scanner

A user can only use the Speed Scanner if he has entered the correct password beforehand.