The User Interface

The medAspis system uses mobile handheld scanners to scan medicine packs on site. The device is called Speed Scanner. The scan results can be reviewed and further processed via the Control Panel web portal. The system can be booked in different expansion stages. The full expansion stage is described here.

The Speed Scanner

The Speed Scanner is a commercially available Android smart device with a scanner unit. The application described here runs on this unit. This application can be updated via the F-Droid application. This update can be done automatically or manually.

The user interface of the Speed Scanner

The user interface is divided into different fixed areas.

In the middle of the screen:

The read information of the last scan together with a timestamp is centrally located. Above this you will find the result of the examination by the responsible NMVS. If the system transmits the product name, it is displayed here. This product name may be truncated if the name is too long for one line.

A symbol indicates whether the result was positive (green tick) or negative (red cross). The Solidsoft system issues a warning with a yellow icon. Other warnings – for example after scanning a barcode with the wrong format – come with a blue symbol. A list of all the symbols is here.

The lower control line:

On the left, in the lower corner, is a counter. This counter counts all scanned packs but ignores duplicate scans of the same pack. Clicking on the number resets it to zero.

To the right of the counter is the FMD menu. With this menu, the FMD operation can be selected. The last FMD operation selected remains until a new operation is selected. For better applicability, the designation of the selected FMD operation is displayed repeatedly in the upper left-hand corner

The half-right display shows whether the unit is currently connected to the medAspis FMD system via the Internet.

The three dots to the far right of it call up the settings for the application.

The Control Panel

The control panel is a web portal and is accessed via the address

The control panel has a menu on the left side. By clicking on the three bars next to the medAspis logo, the menu can be folded away to make better use of the space on the screen.

The Scan History is always displayed as the start screen. Other items in the menu are the scan archive and grouping (optional). The settings concern the organisation, the Speed Scanners used, access to the NMVS and a user administration for the Speed Scanners.