Working with the Scan History

The display of the data shown in the Scan History can be changed. It is not possible to change or manipulate the data itself.

Sort data

Sorting each individual column of the Scan History table is possible by clicking on the respective column header. The sorting is indicated by an arrow symbol to the right of the column title. Clicking again reverses the sort order.

The default setting is sorting by date. The most recent entry is displayed at the top.

Standard filters

The data displayed can be narrowed down with three standard filters.

Filter Today Only:
Only records of the same day are displayed
Filter Offline Only:
Only records that have been captured while the Speed Scanner is in offline mode are displayed.
Filter Alert Only:
Only records with a negative NMVS result are displayed.

The three filters can be combined. For example, records from today can be filtered that were collected offline and then had a negative result.

General filters

The data sets can be filtered as required, all filters can be combined. Each column has a funnel symbol next to the heading. Clicking on the funnel symbol displays a window with which a filtering of the corresponding column can be carried out.

The date can be narrowed down with start and end date. A specific serial number can be filtered, a specific expiry date, a specific pack status, etc.

Set filters can be deleted by clicking on the “Clear” function at the bottom right of the screen.

Export data

The selected and filtered data can be exported. All displayed parameters (displayed columns) and entries (displayed rows) can be exported from the system to CSV, XLS, XLSX and pdf formats. The data is provided via the download function of the browser.

Display of additional Information

All additional information can be displayed for each individual scan by clicking on the respective line.