Setting up a Speed Scanner

Each Speed Scanner used must be logged into the customer account. To do this, a new device must be registered in the Control Panel under the menu item “Device Handling”.

After opening the window, you can see all the scanners that have been registered so far. The scanners are displayed with their name and the parameter “No NMVS”.

With the button “New” a new scanner can be registered.

Two fields must be specified for the new scanner:


The name of the scanner. This name is later visible in the Settings menu of the scanner and the scans appear under this name in the Scan History.


If this value is clicked, the scanned data is not transmitted to the NMVS. Customers use this setting to read 2D matrix codes, but not to evaluate them via the NMVS.

No Group Confirm Processing

Normally, once a group has been closed, no more packs can be added. Activating this function drops this restriction. Groupings can be extended at any time.

The process is completed with the “Save” button. A large enrolment code appears on the screen. This must be read in by the Speed Scanner to be connected in the enrolment process in order to connect it to your own system.

Each scanner can be logged in and out of the system as required. To disconnect the scanner from the control panel, use the “Disconnect” button. New registrations are always made by entering a scanner in the scanner list of the menu item “Device Handling”.

Once a scanner has been created, it cannot be deleted. This ensures that it is always possible to determine which data was read in with which scanner (data integrity, audit trail).

Setting up a Speed Scanner

If the scanner is not in enrolment mode, please go to the application settings and click five times on the medAspis logo. The application immediately starts the teach-in process.

The scanner now scans the enrolment code from the control panel. If the scanner cannot detect the code due to possible reflections of the computer display, the “Scan” button on the Speed Scanner display can be activated. A new window opens and the enrolment code can be captured from the screen with the Speed Scanner’s built-in camera.

After a second confirmation screen, a Congratulations screen appears and the Speed Scanner is connected to the system.

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