Grouping on the Speed Scanner

In the menu of the Speed Scanner, the Grouping button is pressed. The Speed Scanner then expects the name of a grouping as the first input. This can be entered using the keyboard or a barcode is recorded. Alternatively, all machine-readable codes set in the Speed Scanner menu will work, for example QR codes or 2D matrix codes.

The standard screen of the Speed Scanner changes. Additional information is provided. A line below the icon shows the name of the grouping and the number of packs already scanned into this group.

In addition, there are two buttons to complete or cancel the grouping. When the grouping is completed, this must still be confirmed with a “Confirm” button. The grouping can then be seen in the control panel under the menu item “Grouping”.

If Batch Control is switched on, no packs with a different batch or product number are included in the grouping.

The entire FMD functionality is retained. FMD alert messages are always treated with top priority.

Grouping on the Control Panel

Groupings are called up via the menu in the control panel.

Different parameters are given for each grouping. The information comprises:

The name of the grouping chosen by the user.
The number of packs included
The icon of the last FMD operation on the grouping.
The system-assigned name (primary key) of the grouping.
The current status of the grouping
The time of the last FMD operation performed.
time and date of scan (server time)
FMD operations can be performed on groupings. With the check box in the first column, groupings can be selected. FMD operations can be performed on groupings. With the check boxes in the first column, groupings can be selected. The choices in the drop-down menu above are VERIFY, DISPENSE and EXPORT. Groupings can also be created by importing XML files with pack information. The XML format is described in Appendix 4. Clicking on a line displays individual information of individual groupings.

Selection of a single grouping

From the list of groupings, individual groupings can be called up by clicking on the respective line of the overview.

This view provides some general information about the grouping. The name and status of the grouping can be changed.

There are three tabs that contain further information of the grouping.

1st tab “Requests”: All previous FMD operations on the entire grouping are displayed. The following parameters are displayed:

OPERATION The selected FMD operation

DATE The date of the operation

ICON The icon of the result

RESULT The result of the FMD operation

2. tab “Packs”: A list of all packs included. The display corresponds to the Scan History display. The display of the parameters can be changed as in the Scan History.

3. tab: “Grouped Packs”: A list of all contained packs sorted by different product codes and batches. If a grouping is not homogeneous, you can see it here at a glance.

4. tab: “History View”: In the groupings, the contained packs were previously displayed, but not the respective FMD status. With this release, the associated scan data is displayed for each group. This includes all attributes that can also be seen in the scan history.

If the scanned packs have been transferred to the Scan Archive in the meantime, a reference to the archive is auto-matically created. If packs are partly in the scan history and partly in the archive, both assignments are displayed.