Scan History

The Scan History shows all data sets acquired with the Speed Scanners and the corresponding result of the NMVS. The data is stored permanently. It is not possible to change or manipulate the data itself.

For each scan, the time stamp, the package information (product code, serial number, batch number, expiry date), the online status and the FMD result incl. the date and time of the scan are recorded. Each entry is displayed with the same icon that was previously visible in the Speed Scanner. If the user clicks the confirmation button after a negative result, this is also logged in the Scan History.

The time stamp is the time of the medAspis FMD server. The time stamps of the handsets are not logged. Thus, the time recording cannot be manipulated by changing the system time in the Speed Scanner units.

After 40 days, the Scan History entries are transferred to the Scan Archive for performance reasons. The Scan Archive has the same functionality as the Scan History.

There are two icons to control the scan history and all other views:

Clicking on this symbol reloads the contents of a table. This function is useful if new data has been created with a scanner that has not yet been displayed.

The view of tables can be changed. By clicking on this symbol, all tables can be reset to the original view.