Offline processing

In general, all scans captured with the FMD Speed Scanner are immediately forwarded to the FMD server and processed there. The records are then checked at the NMVS and the check result is displayed in the scan history and on the FMD Speed Scanner.

Unfortunately, it cannot be avoided that the internet connection between the FMD Speed Scanner and the FMD server is disturbed. This can have various reasons:

  • The capturing software on the FMD Speed Scanner is not working properly or the FMD Server is not responding.
  • The technical equipment on site is disturbed.
  • The FMD Speed Scanner’s connection to the Internet is temporarily disrupted.

The most common cause is an often only short interruption to the Internet. This can happen if not all areas of the warehouse are covered by the local router or if scanning has to take place in a location that is unsuitable for wireless transmission, e.g. in the cold store.

On the FMD Speed Scanner

If the connection to the Internet is lost, the FMD Speed Scanner detects this immediately. On the handheld device, the status changes to Offline (visible in the bottom line) and a yellow warning icon with a short explanatory text appears.

Nevertheless, the FMD Speed Scanner remains operational. Data is recorded, work does not have to be interrupted. All codes captured during the offline phase are saved in the handheld device itself; under no circumstances data records are lost. The number of codes captured in this phase is shown in yellow in the bottom bar.

However, the operational functionality is limited. As there is no access to the internet, the data cannot be transferred to the FMD server and direct processing by the responsible NMVS cannot take place either.

As soon as the Internet connection is re-established, all data records recorded and temporarily stored in the FMD Speed Scanner are transferred to the server. Depending on the amount of data, this may take a while.

Further Processing in the Scan History

All data records transferred by the handheld device after the offline phase is ended are displayed in the scan history. This data can be recognised by the missing ticks in the ONLINE column and the status of the pack. As there is no information about the status of the pack from the NMVS, the status is marked as unknown.

ATTENTION: The FMD operations recorded during the offline phase are NOT executed. Since it is not known how long the unit was offline and because a replacement scan may have already been performed, the subsequent execution of FMD operations is left to the user.

If the entries marked as offline are sent to the NMVS, this must be done by scanning them again. However, the packs are no longer needed for this.

First filter the packs marked as offline.

Click the first filtered line. The detailed data for this scan will appear. Among other things, you will see a 2D matrix code. This code can be scanned with the FMD Speed Scanner as if scanning from the pack. Scan this code with the desired FMD operation. The scan results in a new entry in the Scan History.

The navigation arrows in the top right-hand corner can be used to jump immediately to the detail view of the next offline pack. These arrows are active until the last offline pack has been reached.