installation of test versions

To use a test instance of the software, the existing app must be deleted and a test instance of the Connector+ software must be loaded from a test repository in F-Droid. The Connector+ app for the productive system is in the “medAspis” repository, whereas the test app is in “medaspis staging”.

Start F-Droid from the Android interface of the handheld scanner and go to the settings (bottom right in the F-Droid app). After clicking on the “Repositories” button, a list of all active repositories appears. In any case, there is a repository “medAspis”, the repository “medAspis staging F-Droid Repository” could also appear. This staging repository must be activated, the “medAspis” repository must be deactivated.

If the staging repository has not yet been created, the following steps must be carried out in the browser of the handheld device:

Open the browser of the Speed Scanner and enter this URL: . A web page from F-Droid appears. Please click on the button “ADD TO F-DROID” in the upper part of the window. Another window opens immediately. Please click the button “I HAVE F-DROID” now. On the page that then appears, please confirm the displayed data with the OK button. Now the test repository is created on F-Droid.

Switch back to F-Droid, go to the settings and click on “Repositories”. Now you can see all the data directories from which new applications can be loaded. To be sure that only the test application is loaded, please switch the staging repository on and the productive repository off.

Switch back to the main F-Droid interface. Click “Latest” in the menu at the bottom left. You may already see the medAspis app now. If not, please use the search button on the bottom right. Type “medAspis” in the search field. The app appears and can be clicked on.

First, please click the UNINSTALL button to delete the existing application. Don’t worry, the app will load again in the next step. Please follow the further instructions of the uninstall process. The next step is to follow the instructions for installing the new software.

The test software is now installed and the handheld device can be used in test mode. Please decide how you want to test the new app. A test panel is available for a complete test, but the app also works in the productive environment.

You can reach the test panel at, the productive environment can be found as usual at

You must activate the app in the respective preferred environment. If your device is still connected to the system after installing the new app, please press the logo 5 times in succession in the app settings. The device then switches to enrolment mode, in which the device can be enrolled in a new environment.

Now start the panel in the productive or test environment. If you use the test environment, you should know that the packages scanned in this environment cannot later be transferred to the productive environment. However, the test environment is also connected to your NMVS. If you want to avoid this, please ask your NMVO for a test environment and re-enter the access data.

Attention: It is important to follow the de-installation and re-installation routine because the originally loaded productive application must be deleted before the test application can be installed.

Attention: Please do not forget to load a production app again after testing the app in order to continue with productive work. To do this, you must switch off the test repository “medaspis-test” and switch on the productive repository “medAspis” in the same way as described above. Again, you must delete the current test app and reload the Connector+ app that is then offered. Make sure that the codes scanned with the new app are available in the production environment under in the productive environment If this is not the case, please repeat the installation procedure.