This Way, Alerts
Don’t Stand a Chance.
This Way, Alerts
Don’t Stand a Chance.

The active medAspis Alert Management

Serialisation has become the norm, and the often monotonous scanning work is part of everyday work. The serious detection of counterfeits is easily lost in the day-to-day business.

At the same time, thousands of suspected counterfeit cases turn up in the systems every day, almost all of them false alarms. This tempts to carelessness, alarm messages are ignored.

The authorities read along

For some time now, the general conditions have been changing. In more and more countries, the authorities are digitally connecting and taking an interest in the counterfeit alerts.

At the latest now, every alarm should be reviewed and documented. This means a lot of work if you follow the rules. Better still, reduce the many false alarms. Each prevented counterfeit alarm reduces the time-consuming alert processing and documentation. The operational processes simply continue.

How many falsification alerts have they had recently?

Our cost-free and non-binding Compliance Check-up analyses and evaluates all critical alerts of your company. So you know where you are and how vulnerable you are.

The active medAspis Alert Management

medAspis resolves open cases of suspected falsification quickly and efficiently for our customers. We prevent false alarms and support our customers in resolving suspicious cases that have arisen.

False alarms are eliminated safely and permanently.
If a falsification alarm does occur, all cases are correctly processed and documented.

medAspis Alert Protect

Time and again, medicine packs are deactivated several times due to carelessness. However, double deactivations inevitably lead to falsification alarms at the authorities. With medAspis you prevent most falsification alarms:

  • The medAspis double scan filter protects against multiple deactivations.
  • In critical situations, packs can be pre-verified. If the pack to be deactivated was already inactive when scanned, no critical counterfeit alarm is generated but only a harmless error message.

medAspis Alert Guard

If, however, real falsification alarms remain after the false alarms have been eliminated, medAspis supports you with a series of measures: The suspected cases are clearly displayed, and there are exact instructions for action for each individual case. Each case is clearly documented.

  • Time and again, falsification alarms are not correctly recognised by scanning staff in day-to-day business. To ensure no alarm is missed, medAspis also sends a message to a responsible person in your company.
  • For each possible falsification alarm, there are exact instructions for action (example here), which can be downloaded directly to the mobile phone. So that the right decisions are made directly on site.
  • All cases are documented in a report. For possible enquiries by the authorities.
  • In all cases, the medAspis Alert Team can help. You have the questions, we have the answers.

Want an example?

medApis provides exact handling instructions for each possible falsification alert. For each alarm, the appropriate instruction can be loaded directly onto the mobile phone. Wherever you are, you can step in and instantly rescue the situation.

Do you use a different serialisation system?

Whether you use the amazingly fast medAspis system for scanning or rely on another technology: You can integrate the protection of active Alert Management into your existing solution. So that even your serialisation runs according to the rules.
Call us, we will be delighted to advise you.

medAspis Alert Team

Questions about Alert Management? The Alert Team is always available to answer your questions. Just call or text us.

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